Tereleq has consultants who have worked for Semiconductor, Solar and Pharmaceutical markets for Siemens thereby developing a detailed understanding of process design issues within Ultrapure Water, wastewater and recycling. He designed the first plant in Singapore to obtain sustainable sub ppb total organic carbon and dissolved oxygen levels and continues to introduce techniques to improve the achievable and sustainable water quality.

He is specialised in trouble shooting techniques to facilitate solutions to onsite issues and improved design approaches. He has two patents in relation to dealing with Organics and Electro-deionisation in Ultrapure water. He has been a member of Singapore government advisory boards and institutions on technology and environmental research. In 2003, he jointly wrote a 973 page book entitled called “Electronic Grade Water preparation”.

Our team has personnel / company (Kalf Engineering Pte Ltd.) available as coach, consultant, advisor, or trouble-shooter to facilitate the optimisation of water, waste water and recycling treatment systems at all phases. Focused also on training in the process design of water & waste water treatment systems, especially UPW, and consultancy in terms of cost reduction and troubleshooting.

For water purification, process fluid treatment, waste water treatment, and fluid recycling

  • Empowering orientated coaching / solutions in unit process and total system design Providing cost optimisation strategies in unit process and total system design
  • Providing practical solutions to investment and operating concerns through technology, resource, constraint and risk profile analysis Designing UPW, USP, WFI water treatment systems
  • Troubleshooting installed water treatment systems
  • Facilitating implementation of optimised solutions