About Us

8 years after Tereleq was set up, it rushes headlong into a period of growth as it approaches its first decade of being. With activities ranging from the Electrical and Instrumentation to the Mechanical/Structural; maintaining traditional professional values of service combined with a reputation for reliability, technical competence and commercial awareness. Our professional expertise is applied in the most flexible and effective way and we encourage a team approach and a close working relationship between all involved parties.

One Stop Solutions

Tereleq is a regular distributor / supplier of electrical and instrumentation product ranges; HVAC and associated Living Quarter product ranges, Mechanical item ranges, imports from various countries as well as is able to collate various materials for delivery from its offices in Singapore, thereby assisting clients to free up their own resources for orders that are supplied as engineered or loose supply packages.

The advantages to the EPC are obvious: Economies of scale lead to cost competitive prices, manufacturer lead deliveries take priority because of repeated order placement by the company. Design and Engineering consultants and EPC take advantage of Design, Data, Third Party Inspections and a single Purchase Specification approval, allowing client to free up its own resources.

Obvious advantages that cannot be overlooked.

Trinnitech U.K. Pvt. Ltd.

In Year 2019, Tereleq acquired a company in U.K. that brings Oil & Gas / Refinery technologies / disruptive innovations to the sub continent of India as well as Far East Asia. Tereleq is the main Installation arm for these technologies.

Trinnitech website coming soon……