Living Quarters

Offshore Living Quarters

THE MAKINGS OF AN LQ (LIVING QUARTERS) And Solent Composite Solutions with Trinnitech U.K. Pvt. Ltd.

Manned assets in the ocean, be they Ships, Rigs, Barges, Oil & Gas platforms, all need living accommodation and their safety is of paramount importance.

Tereleq Pte. Ltd., acquired the company Trinnitech U.K. Pvt. Ltd., in Yr.2019. Trinnitech U.K. Pvt. Ltd., is a Technology provider and as such therefore; is very closely associated with Solent Composite Solutions, U.K..

Solent Composite Solutions is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance composite solutions for technically demanding applications and engineering projects, with a special focus on the Energy sector - Oil & Gas and Renewables. For more than 25 years, SCS has delivered cost effective compliance to the global Energy Industry and has many ProTek® Fire and Blast Protection products installed within the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry worldwide. These certified proprietary products have been extensively tested and proven to resist the most onerous fire and blast requirements and variety of environmental conditions ranging from Arctic cold to the warm marine climates in the Far East, Asia and South America.

Tereleq is located close to Trinnitech’s territory of the sub continent of India and Asean countries and the two companies work in tandem to make every project a success. More often than not it is Trinnitech that makes the supply and Tereleq that undertakes the installation.

The beneficial features of Solent’s Fire and Blast solutions are almost unreal:

  • Zero maintenance for 50 years post Installation
  • Zero corrosion since material is inert
  • Lightweight - thereby keeping weights and costs down
  • Space saving by virtue of its’ design
  • No Hot work
  • No painting

Most popularly used materials are Fire and Blast walls for Living accommodation, Doors and Windows.